Energence is a smart meter data web platform and planning energy policy consultancy, originally set up to monitor compliance with the Merton Rule by Adrian Hewitt. Since 2013 Energence expanded to offer Energy Policy statuary consultant services for the London Borough of Ealing, and since 2021 the Royal Borough of Greenwich. These Planning Authorities require all applicants of major projects (10+ units or 1000+m2) to submit a detailed energy strategy that is reviewed by Energence for compliance with the GLA zero energy policy and to draft appropriate quantitive planning enforcement conditions. Energence also determine what metering equipment is required to monitor compliance with the agreed strategy, supply the metering equipment, and automatically monitor compliance via the energy monitoring platform for four year after completion.

Energence’s business also includes FIT and RHI monitoring for social landlords and stock holders, and providing data services for technology field trials. In 2015 to 2017 Energence provided the metering and web platform for the UK Gov (DECC/BISE) Energy Demand Reduction Pilot, which investigated the principle of a NEGAWATTS power station. Steven Harris has an ongoing active role as Technical and Policy Director.

Accord Housing Group / Heat Genius ERDF

Steven Harris Ltd. was commissioned to analyse monitored data from a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project on the advanced retrofit of six homes in the Walsall area. This two stage project analyses the data coming from temperature, occupation and humidity sensors and compares them with electricity and heat monitoring. The first stage, completed before retrofit work is undertaken, checks the robustness of the monitored data. The second stage in 2018, analysed and compares the data before and after the retrofit works to quantify the benefits the residents experience both in energy saving and comfort.

The Energy Saving Cooperative

The ESCooP were a mass market domestic energy focused refurbishment provider funded by the Midlands Cooperative (CooP supermarket). They had pilots operating in Birmingham, Oxford, South Staffordshire and the East Midland, and provided bespoke refurbishment assessment, design, project management and finance in line with the original intentions of the Green Deal. Steven Harris had a role as Technical Lead to provide training, concept and technical support. Unfortunately due to changes in Government policy the ESCooP no longer operates.

Energy Saving Trust

Steven Harris Ltd. has been commissioned to undertake a number of research projects by the Energy Saving Trust, both while Steven Harris was an EST Associate and then independently. Projects have included, the Solar Thermal field trial peer review, Housing Association officer training, conference speaking on renewable energy and energy efficient housing, the Solar PV import export smart metering (Getting Your Own Back) trial, expert review of the Retrofit for the Future project and The Welsh tenant engagement with renewables study.

The Royal Town Planning Institute

Twice a year from 2012 to 2015 Steven Harris provided day long masterclasses on sustainability in the built environment for Planning Officers and Government officials.  (Please see the Talks page for a menu of topics covered)

The Centre for Low Carbon Futures

The CLCF commissioned Steven Harris Ltd. to provide concept discussion papers and expert meeting support around the topic of energy data warehousing and its market potential. This was completed with a day long facilitated London event with high profile individuals from the UK energy data and smart metering world.

BP - AFRD Coed Darcy

AFRD was a proposal for a small development of Code 6+ housing on a former war time Aero Fuel dump, and is an offshoot of the much larger Coed Darcy development near Swansea, South Wales. It was designed for BP by The Prince of Wales Foundation in collaboration with ZEDfactory.  Following an earlier unsuccessful planning application we were asked to join the team to help clarify the proposals via concept discussion papers, practical strategy expertise and finally assistance in drafting the planning re-application.

University of East London

Masters in Sustainability and Design thesis project tutoring and marking, primarily for students looking at the international application of Passive house concepts. Steven has also provided lectures to visiting Chinese construction institute delegations.

BowZED owner occupiers

Helping the occupants of this Zero Energy housing understand their property’s energy system better and discuss a strategy to take the building forward with the technologies now available. (Steven Harris was the Project Architect for BowZED while at ZEDfactory)

Corby Borough Council

In May 2011 CBC asked for expert assistance with the evaluation of a 3000 roof PV contract for the Council’s domestic rented properties. This involved working through the different technical formats of the tender returns to enable them to be explained in a understandable way where like could be compared with like to enable a decision to be confidently made by Councillors.